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Re: Looking for a driver for the next few releases / months


I'm glad to see interest! :)

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 4:43 AM, Rodja Trappe <mail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Oliver,
> unfortunately I'm also very busy and not sure if I can continuously
> contribute to Tomdroid.
> As a driver, I would want to drastically change some things:
>      * switching from Launchpad to GitHub

I'm kind of glad with the way things work with launchpad: bug tracking, a
dvcs, downloads and questions, in a  comprehensive fashion. I think we
should keep these things where they are for now.

But, I wouldn't mind if github was used in the back as long as the bzr repo
would be synced. Launchpad supports syncin' the main branch of a project (
https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImports) although I'm not sure if it would
work great. Searching a bit, I see that Tomboy is setup that way on
launchpad: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/tomboy/master

Anyway, I don't think anything should be set in stone so git + github
experiments should be made and maybe, at some point, we'll move code hosting
over there if there is an incentive for it.

>      * publishing Tomdroid on the Android Market (each release, and a
>        separate dev-preview build for testing)

The market is a harsh place: we'll get 1 star ratings because it can't edit
notes, we'll have a lot of things reported that we all know we want solved.

At first, I wanted to attract *contributors* not testers / users so I didn't
do a market release. I'm interested by the feedback of people who can say
something else than 'force closes'.

I want market releases when we will have a certain quality / feature set.

As for dev-previews, you are not supposed to release applications signed by
a debug key and you can't upgrade an app with the same name (org.tomdroid)
if it has been signed by a different key (let's say upgrade a signed
Tomdroid with a debug [preview] one). So because of this, I did releases one
after another with no explicit "preview" releasing.

If you think we should do market releases and that my reasons are not good
enough to hold market releases, then I would say heck let's do it!

>      * much more frequent releases (with very small change logs)

I can't agree more! Releasing process is all documented since the very
beginning (doc/dev/RELEASE-CHECKLIST)

>      * automatic code formatting

This is something I wanted to get done for quite a while but I've never done
it in Java so I didn't know where to look (eclipse?, ant tasks?, other

I would even argue that since we just released now would be the best time to
do a "Automatic code formatting" commit then enforce patches / merges to be
formatted and not talk about this anymore.

> So even if I could free some time for Tomdroid, I'm not sure you and the
> others would like these changes. This project has a nice culture and I
> enjoy coding on Tomdroid a lot. But as soon as I take responsibility, I
> feel the need to change things according to my knowledge and experience.

If you can cope with still using launchpad + bzr (at least for another
couple of months) I think we would all appreciate your ideas and coding.

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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