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Re: [UNSURE]Re: Looking for a driver for the next few releases / months


> > Something that's been on my mind for some time is the fact that we're
> > not really welcoming to beginners. Maybe I'm using a straw-man here,
> > but the problem I see is that they have to figure out everything by
> > themselves. When you don't know anything about either bazaar,
> > launchpad, android, java or even the way open source works, this can
> > be quite an ordeal.
> >
> > In order to ease this pain, we could put up a "Tomdroid bootstrapping"
> > guide, ie how to get the android sdk and eclipse installed, how to
> > clone and publish changes with bazaar, etc. This information is
> > already available somewhere on the net, but it would be much easier if
> > this info was centralized on a page in the wiki, even if it's just a
> > collection of links.
> I think this is a great idea.  The best projects always have an
> easy-to-follow getting started guide like this.
True. There is a bad attempt at this in doc/user/README and doc/dev/README
but just the fact that it is buried in the repo, it has no .txt extension
and it has Unix line-terminators tells a lot about the chances of someone
with no experience reaching there..

Plus, I have given the basic instructions for bzr so many times that I'm
quite amazed I haven't bulit a little guide yet.. if not by good intentions,
at least out of lazyness to reply ;)

Let's try to start with a FAQ entry in launchpad.

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>