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Re: [IDEAS] ToriOS.web


Den 2018-05-22 kl. 22:40, skrev Ali Linx (amjjawad):
Dear all,

I've been thinking for sometime now .. the deep and core idea of ToriOS project is to offer the minimal working system with GUI for users with very old machines. Your definition of "old machines" may vary and be different though but that should not disagree with the fact that ToriOS is actually designed mainly for old computers and it can also be installed on a new machine.

Giving the fact that ToriOS has the minimal set of software/packages, it made me think about:

Why not we offer A NEW SPIN/VERSION for the web?

Allow me to elaborate.
Many basic or light users are only using their machines for browsing the web, sending emails, Google Drive maybe, YouTube, Facebook, etc. That said, how about we give them ToriOS with a NEW flavour? a flavour that's designed ONLY for websites?

What could help is: we don't have to include ANY extra package. Only the MAIN and the most important packages that will make ToriOS works + one main browser (/we can vote for that or ask the community to vote to choose their favourite browser/) + a list of browsers the users can choose from to install right after they install ToriOS successfully on their machines. Nothing else, nothing more.

An OS designed for old machines to make them a web-browsing-machines. That's all.

As you know, the problem nowadays is:
Websites are more resource hungry. They need more machine power to work. If we can reduce the effort that a machine can put on its OS, we'll save some extra power/resource for the website. Yes, let's be super honest here .. I am NOT talking about a machine with 256MB of RAM as these machines can't even handle Google homepage. I'm talking about a bit more powerful machines. A machine that can handle popular websites.

Maybe ToriOS.web won't be purely for old machines. It will be only for a machine that will be used as a web browser, period. Nothing more and nothing else.

If someone needs to use ToriOS for multi purposes, then he/she can simply use ToriOS, the original and the main flavour.

If someone needs only a web browsing machine, ToriOS.web will be the best option. He/She doesn't have to worry about ant-virus and crap like that. They're already using the most powerful anti-virus in the world, that's the Linux kernel.

I'm going to share this on our media channels. Let's see what our users think about this.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for your feedback.

It would be great if we can find someone who is interested in this idea, jump in and help to make it happen. That would be amazing :D

Thank you and keep up the great spirit!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Best Regards,
Ali/amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>

Hi Ali,

Do you mean a kiosk? Do you mean that there should there be no management of files locally (like a file browser and similar application programs)? I don't think there is much to peel off from ToriOS unless you make a kiosk (but that might be a good idea).

Best regards