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Re: People Engagement


On 05/22/2018 03:11 PM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> Dear all,
> I've talked with Mustafa over the phone (Whatsapp) yesterday morning
> (my time) and he said that he's having hard time with the mailing
> list. He's not yet familiar with it. I'll help him and hope he'll get
> used to it soon.
> Meanwhile, I've found this:
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/lightweight.linux/permalink/1810679495647084/
> Someone shared a post from ToriOS's facebook page to the group. I
> joined the group. It seems active and that's great news. I'll do my
> best to promote to ToriOS and answer as many question as possible. It
> would be great if someone with a technical background, has been around
> with ToriOS for quite sometime now and obviously with facebook account
> could join me and answer any technical questions if any. Otherwise, my
> plan B will be sending them to our mailing list.
> Tell you the truth and I won't lie:
> I feel I have a huge gap as I've been far from 'under-the-hood' stuff.
> I'll do my best to get my hands dirty again. I don't feel happy about
> myself. It's my baby and he's growing up fast. I must never let him
> nor you down.
> So, please be prepared to help those who are in need.
> @Mustafa
> If you have ANY question, you know how and where to find me!
Hi Ali
I'm interested to hear your ideas, I will have to read your ideas e-mail
later (it is almost dinner time here).
I have been really busy recently with things IRL and a few other
programming pursuits ( I made a QML based video browser, and an
extensible game engine for 2-d games).  I could really use someone else
to help with builds of ToriOS (Ali??? it would help you get under the
hood it is super easy to do now, and you can add/remove/tweak things
without much effort).  It is super time consuming, but runs in the
background easily without much input once you start it.  but my time has
been in segments lately, and as I said I have been working on some other
projects (in hopes of doing computer stuff full time one day to support
my libre software programming habit :D)

I'd be glad to answer user questions.  When I have more time I try to
answer them on the Lubuntu list, or JWM Issues, etc...  so since I know
most of the ins and outs of ToriOS I am in a better position than most
to answer questions, though Nio, Jack and Paul are extremely active in
testing things, reproducing bugs, etc... and will be a great help (Nio
is often answering questions on Lubuntu too, as well as forums, etc..)

I do hope we can get ToriOS out in the public and have a bit more help
(mainly someone who can build it more frequently, or set up a server
somewhere that can automatically build every week or so....)