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Re: [IDEAS] ToriOS.web


On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 11:51 PM, Israel <israeldahl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 05/27/2018 08:24 AM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> > Further to the previous discussion, here are 7 screenshots for
> > ToriOS's menu:
> >
> > https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113578220061772446187/
> 113578220061772446187/posts/6dh9aLewBLR
> > https://www.facebook.com/ToriOS.Official/posts/1663029507124050
> > https://twitter.com/ToriOS_Official/status/1000714643327733760
> > https://twitter.com/ToriOS_Official/status/1000714778573074432
> >
> > If we shall build ToriOS.web, these entries in the menu must be
> > reduced to the very minimum. This is way too much for a system like
> > ToriOS. I think these entries are even more than what Ubuntu MATE has
> > on its default menus. This is not what ToriOS is all about. We need to
> > re-design our system and it's time to make it even better. Everyone
> > knows the first version won't be as good as the later ones. So, it's
> > the right time to learn from our mistakes (if any) and improve what we
> > already have!
> >
> >
> > I've sent:
> > https://lists.launchpad.net/torios-dev/msg01559.html
> >
> > Once I get what I need, I'll send another email with a proposed list
> > for ToriOS.web!
> >
> Hey Ali,


> Some of these Apps in the menus are Apps that are normally 'hidden' by
> other menus.

Hidden? then how come I can see it? I mean, if I can see it, everyone else
can. Given that I haven't changed anything and everything on its default

It's okay for ToriOS 1.0 to be the way it's right now. We're not talking
about the past, we're planning for the future. We just need to improve what
we currently have at the moment.

> ToriOS tries to be more transparent and expose the user to all the
> things they actually have,

Which leads to one of the NEW ideas I have in mind ;-)
But, I'll save it for some other time!

> when I wrote the menu program I worked hard
> to not exclude any of the apps installed, unless they were completely
> useless in JWM, such as apps to configure GNOME/KDE/XFCE/etc...


The above email should explain my real intention.
I'll send another one with a proposed list of what I think is the best for
ToriOS.web and perhaps for the later version of ToriOS in general.

> The 'About ToriOS' menu was your suggestion, and I can easily remove
> that in future builds, if you do not want it anymore.

No, we need that. We just need to update the fist line that tells the
We may also update the list of the family ;-)

> --
> Regards
Thank you so much. I'm getting so excited to work on the ToriOS.web!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Best Regards,
Ali/amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>

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