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Re: Too early for ToriOS to change its path


On 08/04/2018 09:46 AM, ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Wed, August 1, 2018 1:37 pm, Israel wrote:
>> Also, Faraco (one of our occasional contributors in many areas) has
>> discussed reworking our programs to use FLTK only, rather than GTK (zenity
>> dialogs).  This will take a lot of thought and planning.  We are also
>> discussing finishing the GTK theme that was started a few years ago which
>> is in line with the FLTK programs we've created.
> I would love to get involved with an effort to put together FLTK programs
> for desktop use.  I already use several FLTK and SDL based programs on my
> system because they are fairly lightweight.  Would be happy to lend my
> developing skills to such a project.  Let me know if there's anything
> specific you need to help going forward with this project.
> Also, I've been looking at the latest development of FLTK 1.4.x.  The
> developers are making some great progress on making FLTK more portable and
> on cleaning up the code.  I'm also hoping Dmitrij's oxy patch (extra theme
> for FLTK) will finally be officially included.  I sent in a limited
> version of the patch that works with version 1.4.x.
> Sincerely,
> Laura
> http://www.distasis.com/cpp

Absolutely!  We'd love to have your help in any way possible!  I also
look forward to the future FLTK version (SVG support is built in!!).

There are a number of programs that need to be written.  So I will
briefly list them, and/or describe them.

1. Screen shot tool/ image viewer.

2. Calendar (possible integration with calendar services as an option...
i.e. google's calendar for people who use those)

3. Keyboard/Language configuration tool


1. Printer configuration tool

2. Software installer/updater/search (apt based, but allow to extend for
flatpak,snap, and other package managers like dnf,pacman,etc...)

3. create FLTK versions of all the X11 apps (calc, text editor, etc...)

Extra Wishlist:

1. d-i frontend written in FLTK + seed files, or OBI ported to FLTK/C(++)

2. NetworkManager indicator written in FLTK.

3. Filesharing program (using sftp between other ToriOS and other
GNU/Linux computers)

3. FLTK frontend to libfm4 (pcmanfm in FLTK would be really cool)

Also, if you have any programs that are not on this list that you think
would help, please bring them up, such as your work with web browser and
HTML markup stuff you have been doing in FLTK :D


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