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Re: Too early for ToriOS to change its path


On Sat, August 4, 2018 8:47 am, Israel wrote:
> Absolutely!  We'd love to have your help in any way possible!  I also
> look forward to the future FLTK version (SVG support is built in!!).

They're using nanosvg.  So is SDL_image.  I tried several lightweight SVG
libraries and nanosvg seemed like the most functional.  Guess some of the
FLTK and SDL developers came to the same conclusion because they adopted
it as well.  nanosvg is useful even when it's not integrated with a
particular GUI or screen library.  Only issue I had with it was that it
couldn't handle the output from abcm2ps.  Would like to find a decent
lightweight viewer (Postscript or SVG) that could render the output from
that program in a readable way.

> 1. Screen shot tool/ image viewer.

I've looked at some code from screen shot tools, but haven't put anything
together for this yet.  Imagemagick or graphicsmagick works well for
screen capture and I've used them on occasion.  As to an image viewer, I
like picaxo.  It uses SDL 1.2 and I have a port to SDL 2.x.  For
slideshows, I like perigee.  It's also a SDL program.  There's a Windows
front end.  I've been experimenting with creating a FLTK front end for it
that will work cross-platform.

> 2. Calendar (possible integration with calendar services as an option...
> i.e. google's calendar for people who use those)

For an ultra-lightweight command line calendar, I like pcal.
For a PIM, I like fltdj (which is FLTK based).  I've seen some libraries
for ical support.  Might be interesting to add something like that to

> Wishlist:
> 1. Printer configuration tool

What about XPP ( https://packages.debian.org/jessie/xpp )?

> 3. create FLTK versions of all the X11 apps (calc, text editor, etc...)

For calc, I like flcalc.  nanolinux uses flwriter as a text editor.  I
also like fldev.  Would like to get the debugger code working with it
though.  Not sure what other apps you'd need.

Some of the FLTK programs I've run across are listed here:

Nanolinux has several FLTK programs as well:

TinyCore and a few other distributions have useful FLTK applications too.

I have patches for some of the FLTK applications (fixes to get them
working on the latest version of FLTK, memory bug fixes, etc.)  Hoping to
get them uploaded to the Internet at some time in the future.

> Extra Wishlist:
> 3. FLTK frontend to libfm4 (pcmanfm in FLTK would be really cool)

There are at least 2 or 3 FLTK based file managers (although they don't
use libfm4).  I also particularly like a SDL based file manager.  It's the
two pane kind similar to worker.

> Also, if you have any programs that are not on this list that you think
> would help, please bring them up, such as your work with web browser and
> HTML markup stuff you have been doing in FLTK :D

At the moment, I'm working on a project that most people probably won't be
interested in.  Most distributions tend to prefer minimal changes to Open
Source projects.  I prefer customizing code to provide whatever features I
might need.  I've been looking for lightweight PDF, cbz and cbr viewers.
The only options for PDF libraries I've been able to dig up are xpdf,
poppler and mupdf.  I tend to prefer more lenient Open Source licenses. 
However, the PDF libraries are either GPL or Affero GPL.  I noticed
someone on github was using the GPLv2 version of mupdf.  So, that got me
thinking I might want to try working with mupdf before it switched to the
Affero license.  The GPL 2 version was missing a lot of features.  The GPL
3 version is also missing some features, but not as much.  So I've been
going through the GPL version 3 code and various forks of the GPLv3
versions on github to see if I could come up with anything interesting. 
There's a LGPL unarr library with SumatraPDF that handles rar format (for
cbr).  mupdf already handles PDF and cbz.  I managed to get cbr working
using code from unarr.  Still looking into adding some missing features. 
I also ran across a SDL front end and was experimenting with FLTK front
end code at one point.  Hoping to eventually get a lightweight portable
PDF viewer with the features I need using the mupdf backend.

There's also pdftext which uses mupdf and can be used with grep to search
PDF files or used to output PDF to text.  For epub format, I'm currently
using bard.  Haven't found a decent Postscript viewer yet.  So, I'm
basically looking into various document viewer options and trying to find
some with minimal dependencies.


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