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Re: Question about implanting Ubuntuforum


On 12/04/12 22:33, Joseph Mills wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 3:52 PM, Bruno Girin <brunogirin@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:brunogirin@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Hi Joseph,
>     I think this would be a great idea! The only thing I would be
>     careful of is that if the accomplishment is based on the number of
>     posts, some people may be tempted to file in dummy posts just to
>     get their numbers up so it may be useful to find a more reliable
>     metric.
>     Otherwise, just easy to gain accomplishments may be useful to,
>     such as:
>     - first post on the forums (same with Ask Ubuntu)
>     - first answer to post on the forums (same with Ask Ubuntu)
>     - reputation and badges on Ask Ubuntu
>     - best answers on Ask Ubuntu
>     The details on how to create new accomplishments is here:
>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Creating
>     One additional point: most of the accomplishments today use data
>     that is available in Launchpad because Launchpad offers an API to
>     connect to it. I have no idea what the API would be for the forums
>     or for Ask Ubuntu so finding how you can connect to those two
>     would be the first step. Once you know how to do that, we can help
>     you work out how to create new accomplishments.
>     Cheers,
>     Bruno
>     On 12/04/12 08:50, Joseph Mills wrote:
>>     Hello there I have never been thought the right way to post to a
>>     mailing list so I hope that I am doing this right. I would like
>>     to know if it is possible at all to have trophy's that are for
>>     ubuntuforums FC members and others that have posted over 10,000
>>     times? Maybe also something with ask ubuntu ? These are just idea
>>     and I have not even looked at the code but because it is in
>>     quickly I guess that it is python. I know python well sorta  if
>>     you all think that this is a good idea then plz write me back and
>>     I will try and fit in some time to get something together. What
>>     are the plains on making a .deb also ? Is there a blueprint for
>>     all this ?  I am new to launch pad so I do not know if blueprints
>>     are the right thing. Anyways great stuff and look forward to
>>     hearing back from ya 
>>     Cheers ,
>>     Joseph Mills 
> Sweet thanks for getting back to me I will start looking at that. I
> did talk to some of the FC members and and in the future it is also
> going to be SSO . I will push to see timeline. Once again thanks so
> much for getting back to me. Also anynews about  a .deb for this ?

Hi Joseph,

Jono has been working on re-factoring the code and moving everything to
a PPA: