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ubuntu-gnome-desktop-minimal metapackage?



I would like to switch my config from ubuntu to ubuntu-gnome, but the metapackage has too much dependencies (even if I don't install recommends).

Could there be something like a "minimal" metapackage with just the branding, gdm, gnome-shell and few needed dependencies for a basic desktop to work (and maybe even without fallback)? The choice of apps is a matter of taste so could stay outside of that metapackage.

For the background of that request, I've made a slick custom install of gnome-shell since ubuntu switched to Unity with just what I (think I) need. I could continue to do that, but sometime I may miss basic things for some functionality to work (usually when I distupgrade) and I would prefer to rely on an official metapackage. 
Moreover, I would like to show that there's an interest to develop this flavour of ubuntu.


PS : do you know why rhythmbox isn't up to date in the gnome3 ppa? I use the webupd8 ppa for that purpose and the last version works well in 12.10

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