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Time for a name change?


Maybe I should say it's past time for a name change ;^)

Using "ubuntu GNOME remix" has resulted in the unfortunate use of UGR as an acronym which could be problematic due to this failed project:


I know becoming an official "flavor" of Ubuntu can be a long drawn out process but I remember using Lubuntu as far back as Lucid even though it didn't become an official flavor until Oneiric:


Why can't we do "Gubuntu"?

Has anyone even asked?

If we can't do that yet why can't we change to using using "ubuntu GNOME desktop" so the new acronym would be UGD?

I really love this project because it will give us the opportunity to more closely interact with the Gnome devs and I'd hope our input can help shape the successful future of Gnome in general.


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