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Re: Firefox & LibreOffice included by default


On 21/02/13 14:52, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> I am switching the default web browser for the Ubuntu GNOME Remix from
> Epiphany to Firefox and the default office suite from Abiword &
> Gnumeric to LibreOffice, according to the clear concensus of Ubuntu
> GNOME developers and users.
> Although Epiphany is part of GNOME Core, GNOME doesn't seem to mind
> too much if most distros ship Firefox instead. (I think this is an
> indication that Epiphany shouldn't be in GNOME Core but anyway...)
> With Firefox, we can benefit from the existing Firefox stable release
> updates. On the other hand, WebKit is rarely updated in Ubuntu stable
> releases. Firefox is clearly the best choice for security updates.
> Epiphany also is not as well suited for power users with poor support
> for switching between lots of tabs for instance.
We could leave epiphany in there, wouldnt cost much in space, since
webkit is going to be there regardless.
> While I see value in the simpler interfaces presented by Abiword &
> Gnumeric, better support for reading and writing to a variety of file
> formats is more important to most of you. And there isn't really a
> presentation app equivalent to LibreOffice Impress. LibreOffice is
> well maintained upstream and in Ubuntu. Notably, Fedora has also
> recently switched to LibreOffice (download image size was a blocker
> for a long time).
> As before, the default web browser and office suite are "recommends"
> which means you can easily install other apps and even remove the
> default choices if you don't want them.
> I apologize for the delay in responding to the requests to switch the
> default apps. I had been meaning to test what effect these changes
> would have on the download image size but I think that the Xubuntu
> ceiling being raised to 1GB makes that test unnecessary.
> I am interested in your thoughts about not installing an email client
> by default because many people just use webmail while others prefer
> Evolution and others prefer Thunderbird.
Personally I use Thunderbird, however I think we should ship evolution, its better integrated and quite lightweight iso wise,
when you consider most of the deps are already there anyway.

> Also I think we should limit the number of games. An email thread [1]
> a few months ago suggested aisleriot, iagno, mahjongg, sudoku, and
> tetravex as a reasonable selection.
Just ship a very limited number of games, probably the first thing any gamers will be doing is installing steam? Otherwise games
are very easy to find in USC.
> [1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/games-list/2012-November/msg00001.html
> Thanks,
> Jeremy

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