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Re: Firefox & LibreOffice included by default


On 21/02/2013 04:52, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> I am interested in your thoughts about not installing an email client
> by default because many people just use webmail while others prefer
> Evolution and others prefer Thunderbird.
I personally use Thunderbird and would vote for it being the default because we are going for Firefox so it would seem elegant to stay with the same framework, it is a client that more new users are
likely to be familiar with and enables people to easily import an existing profile form a prefious system regardless of the OS.
But I would prefer no default client to Evolution as it can be a bit daunting to remove.
The main problem with Thunderbird is the lack on integration of lightning with the date widget.

> Also I think we should limit the number of games. An email thread [1]
> a few months ago suggested aisleriot, iagno, mahjongg, sudoku, and
> tetravex as a reasonable selection.
I would personally not put any games at all but if you must, as little as possible.


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