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Thanks for the email and your appreciation!

I also wish to thank all the other team members, therefore forwarding
your email to our mailing list
ubuntu-l10n-de-community@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Ubuntu German

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Am Dienstag, den 08.01.2013, 22:21 +0000 schrieb Flames_in_Paradise:
> hi! Dennis
> congrats  & deep thanks to the work you & the whole team have done in
> 2012 for Ubuntu in a whole and behalf of the germans mothertongue
> speakers. Taking into account that quite many people from the "neue
> Bundesländer" never had a chance to learn a western foreign in their
> childhood, this work appears in a new light to me.
> I myself wanted to quit using Ubuntu a few years ago, when a lot of
> "denglish" in prominent software places was still present. I thought
> then it was a forlorn hope this could ever be nearby perfect like in
> other great distros, even in M$ (sorry for mentioning
> Even though it's a little late:
> Best wishes for the new Year 2013 to you & the Localisation-"Gang".
> Secret wishes:
> In late 2012 I've  joined the german Ubuntu-Wiki-Team. Blondely I've
> asked if it would be possible to place a "Thank You!" towards your team
> in the "team-review 2012". Since the localisation team doesn't belong to
> the "inner-circle" it was not. I greatly appreciate the work that it is
> nearly invisible if the turnout is right. It makes me happy!
> Getting a little more into documention we found the last little article
> from the team was in 2010. Giving us a chance to repeat the thanking for
> the time & nerves u are spending for the project, to let us all have the
> benefits, within the local community could be
>  * a new article in 2013
>   * a little retrospective of 2012
>   * twice a year some statistics or
>   * the Ikhaya-Team could publish an article as a little interview (to
> my opinion it's always the best to provide a catalog of questions
> beforehand :-)
>   * ask for help a fortnight before the deadline of the new release
> (programspecifically?)
> I greatly appreciate the work you & the team are doing, so don't
> hesitate to ask me if you have any questions

Dennis Baudys

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