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Re: few style questions


Hello, Daniel.

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 6:42 AM, Daniel Schury <Surst@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm working as an editor on the german translation so far and found a
> few things I would like to talk ask:
> 1) The \window-command uses the wrong quotation-marks (in german). I
> posted the correct on the mailing-list some time ago, but could mail
> them again, if they are needed. Would be nice if it could be fixed :)

I need to define both the inner and outer quotes.  For the outer
quotes, you said you wanted »guillemets«. Do you prefer these to the
other „quotation marks“?

What would you like to use for inner quotation marks (that is, to
denote a quotation within a quotation)?

> 2) Is there a particular reason, why digits in expressions like »ethX«
> are in mathematical mode? For example »eth$0$«? Does not like very good
> to me.

Because the using the old-style 0 made "eth0" look like "etho".  If
you think it looks better with the old-style figure, then feel free to
remove the dollar signs ($).

> 3) the headings on the odd pages are completely in small capitals, this
> is very unusual in german. Could
> a) just the original capitalisation or
> b) small capitals be used?

I assume you're referring to the running heads at the top of each page
(alongside the page number).  Yes, their appearance can be modified
for the German edition.  Would uppercase and small-caps (mixed) be

> Since I got no answer for about a week now (the second time,
> just to mention) I repeat my questions. It would be really nice if
> these could be answered, because the german version would
> be ready to be released then.

I responded to your first email (about the quotation marks) on 30 May
with the same text I wrote above.


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