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Re: Attention, translators!


El llunes, 09-agostu-2010 a les 11:11 -0500, Kevin Godby escribió:

> For those translations listed at 100% complete, what's your status?
> Are you working on editing/proofreading?  Or are you waiting on me for
> something?  (If you're waiting on me, please send me an email!)

Hi everyone.

For the Asturian translation, I've found that there isn't asturian TeX
hyphenation pattern (and almost nothing exists for our language). Hence,
there are a lot of text overflow warnings in the PDF build. I'm working
on that from our (alpha+) Aspell wordlist.

So, the Asturian translation status is «stopped until I can get a
minimal hyphenation pattern for TeX» (wow, what a status! ;) ). Then,
I'll be taking advantage of our Ubuntu Manual "TeX wizards" to put it
all on place :)

Please, all other translators without a TeX hyphenation pattern for your
language, be warned that you'll need that for a good looking Manual. The
sooner you can get someone to start working on that issue, the better!

Best regards.



Xuacu Saturio

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