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Re: Attention, translators!


On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Xuacu <xuacusk8@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> For the Asturian translation, I've found that there isn't asturian TeX
> hyphenation pattern (and almost nothing exists for our language). Hence,
> there are a lot of text overflow warnings in the PDF build. I'm working
> on that from our (alpha+) Aspell wordlist.
> So, the Asturian translation status is «stopped until I can get a
> minimal hyphenation pattern for TeX» (wow, what a status! ;) ). Then,
> I'll be taking advantage of our Ubuntu Manual "TeX wizards" to put it
> all on place :)
> Please, all other translators without a TeX hyphenation pattern for your
> language, be warned that you'll need that for a good looking Manual. The
> sooner you can get someone to start working on that issue, the better!

Do you have a list of Asturian words and their hyphenation points?  Do
you hyphenate between two syllables?  Or do you hyphenate based on the
etymology of the word?

Also, I think OpenOffice.org uses the same hyphenation algorithm as
TeX, so if they have Asturian hyphenation patterns, we may be able to
use them.


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