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Re: Attention, translators!


El llunes, 09-agostu-2010 a les 18:11 -0500, Kevin Godby escribió:

> Do you have a list of Asturian words and their hyphenation points?  Do
> you hyphenate between two syllables?  Or do you hyphenate based on the
> etymology of the word?

I'll document better how to do this later, when I'm sure it works. This
is how I'm doing it:

I got the Asturian Aspell wordlist (which itself is a work in progress,
to be released soon) of about 52.000 words. I strip all Aspell codes and
hyphenate some significant words (tryng to match any possible letter
combination). I add the hyphenation points in a mixed style: etymologic 
when I'm sure or, else, just syllabic (BTW, I'm in this point now)

Then, I'll use a TeX script (which I can't remember now) to generate the
hyphenation patterns.

And, finally, I'll need to make it work in TeXLive and, if all works
fine, upload it to TeX repositories.

Luckily, I've some free days, and TeX is way more exciting than beach ;)

> Also, I think OpenOffice.org uses the same hyphenation algorithm as
> TeX, so if they have Asturian hyphenation patterns, we may be able to
> use them.

Hehehe, in our language the way will be just the opposite: TeX will
provide OOo hyphenations. We're a small LoCo, and your's truly is also
one of the OOo translators :)



Xuacu Saturio