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Re: Not happy at all


Op 11-01-11 18:30, Ask Hjorth Larsen schreef:

For me the alternative is only one, at the present time:

- download the package, translate offline and create a translation memory, then
upload again the file.
- the next time the file will be updated, you have the old tm ready to be used
in your CAT tool, so minor changes will be minor headaches for us :)

Choose the CAT tool you prefer, I personally use Lokalize for Interface and
Help KDE/OOo/Libò files, and OmegaT for other stuff.

Now, about your suggestion: working offline has the same disadvantage. Since Lucid and Maverick are not merged you can only transfer translations from LL to MM manually, and that is just as much work as copying in LP from LL to MM.

What do you mean when you say that you cannot transfer them because
they are not "merged"?

Hi Ask,
What I meant is this. When I download the Maverick package, as Valter suggests, I first have to find out which strings are already translated in Lucid (the string numbers do not match) and then copy and paste them. I think that will cost me a lot of time, perhaps even more than when I translate afresh . Besides, working like this (offline) would mean I would have to do it on my own. The advantage would be, as Valter says, that you build a translation memory which you can use for the next versions. But then again, this would only work when you can share this TM with others (I think Lokalize has this option, but I have never used it). In Lokalize there seems to be a merging option, but I have never worked with that before. If I can merge LL and MM in Lokalize it would save me a lot of time. I might give it a try, but I'm afraid it will mean a lot of experimenting before it works. If I succeed I will let you know.

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