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Re: Not happy at all


On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:14 AM, lafeber-dumoleyn2
<lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Op 11-01-11 18:30, Ask Hjorth Larsen schreef:
>>> For me the alternative is only one, at the present time:
>>> - download the package, translate offline and create a translation
>>> memory, then
>>> upload again the file.
>>> - the next time the file will be updated, you have the old tm ready to be
>>> used
>>> in your CAT tool, so minor changes will be minor headaches for us :)
>>> Choose the CAT tool you prefer, I personally use Lokalize for Interface
>>> and
>>> Help KDE/OOo/Libņ files, and OmegaT for other stuff.
> Now, about your suggestion: working offline has the same disadvantage. Since
> Lucid and Maverick are not merged you can only transfer translations from LL
> to MM manually, and that is just as much work as copying in LP from LL to
> MM.
>> What do you mean when you say that you cannot transfer them because
>> they are not "merged"?
> Hi Ask,
> What I meant is this. When I download the Maverick package, as Valter
> suggests, I first have to find out which strings are already translated in
> Lucid (the string numbers do not match) and then copy and paste them. I
> think that will cost me a lot of time, perhaps even more than when I
> translate afresh . Besides, working like this (offline) would mean I would
> have to do it on my own. The advantage would be, as Valter says, that you
> build a translation memory which you can use for the next versions. But then
> again, this would only work when you can share this TM with others (I think
> Lokalize has this option, but I have never used it).
> In Lokalize there seems to be a merging option, but I have never worked with
> that before. If I can merge LL and MM in Lokalize it would save me a lot of
> time. I might give it a try, but I'm afraid it will mean a lot of
> experimenting before it works. If I succeed I will let you know.
> Regards,
> Hannie

Download the two po-files and run the command:

  msgmerge lucid-po-file.po maverick-po-file.po > merged.po

This will move the translated messages over to the new po-file using
fuzzy matching.  After this you'll still have to review the fuzzies,
but this is much easier if you install a po diffing tool such as
podiff from e.g. pyg3t[1] along with wdiff, which can be used to
highlight the differences.  After that the po-file can be uploaded and
completed e.g. on launchpad.

[1] https://launchpad.net/pyg3t