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Re: Meeting Minutes - 1 May 2011


Hey Patrick,

1)  The timeline for "Natty" won't start until the Maverick manual is
> released, or is it already started?

Yes, we the timeline will start the Maverick string freeze date -at least
that's what i understood from meeting-. Although chapter authors -especially
those who are working on chapters that need completely new material (e.g
Unity section)- can start writing content from today. Generally these two
weeks is a good opportunity for all authors to collect resources from the
Internet, test the new Ubuntu release, track changes from previous releases
that affect their work, make notes etc.

2.  Is there a link to the qproj file for screenshots in QuickShot? (I
> couldn't find one on the site for Maverick or Natty, and think there
> should be one somewhere)

For Natty there isn't any quickshot file for sure. For Maverick you can
download and use this file
I wrote a quick guide for quickshot users, so you may also check them

Have a great week !

c7p @ freenode

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