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Re: [Ubuntu Manual] Ubuntu Desktop chapter needs you !


Op 21-05-12 00:20, John Cave schreef:
I thought that I was doing this section. The new ubuntu has not changed that much from the last, I observe, so mostly what will be needed is new screenshots and maybe expanding the chapter. I can do the job of scanning the chapter for changes, but expansions may need to be done by someone else.

John C

I do not agree that the new Ubuntu has not changed that much. When I read the current chapter "The Ubuntu Desktop" (based on the Oneiric version) I see many things that need to be changed, too much to mention here. In fact, I think the chapter needs a complete overhaul. The order of subsections needs reshuffling. Examples: I see a description of the Launcher on page 25, and the section Using Launcher on page 27. I see Top Bar on page 24 and a screenshot of the Top Bar(?) of a window on page 28. In Unity the Top Bar has replaced the individual title bars in the applications themselves, although some older applications still have there own title bar.
So, I agree with c7p, who wrote:
The Ubuntu Desktop section needs your help ! This part of the chapter covers the basics of the Ubuntu Desktop environment (Login screen, Unity, Launcher, Dash, windows, workspaces, HUD).

We need an author for this section cause it's one of the most critical sections of the manual, maybe the most important. Are you interested ?

One option would be to have more authors and editors assigned to this chapter (Tony, Vibhant, John, Hannie) where each has his/her own specialty like Dash, Unity, Launcher, Nautilus etc.
Let me know what you think.

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