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Starting the Quantal cycle + meeting


Hello, everyone.


I've created a quantal branch for Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10.
You can now start making changes to the manual to update it for Ubuntu
12.10.  You can check out the new quantal branch with 'bzr branch

Note also that the precise branch is now closed for revision. It will
now only be modified by the translation editors.  Please be sure to
make any future changes to the quantal branch instead.


I'd like to hold a meeting this weekend to review how things worked
(and didn't work) during the precise cycle and to discuss plans for
the upcoming quantal cycle.

I've created a Doodle poll where you can announce the time slots
you're available to meet: <http://www.doodle.com/25zq7gzdyn8uqs6q>.

Our meetings have a tendency to run a bit longer than the hour we
normally allot, so you might keep that in mind. Having said that,
you're welcome to come and go as you have time. (So if you can't make
it for the entire meeting, that's okay.)

Be sure to bring your lists of questions, comments, concerns,
criticisms, etc. to the meeting!


--Kevin Godby

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