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Re: Translation for the precise-e2 release


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Am 25.08.2012 12:50, schrieb c7p:
> The issue is that there are many translated strings that are
> deleted in precise-e2.

Well, this "deleted" strings will be mostly the modified strings,
where some typo errors are fixed. I guess only a few are really
deleted or new strings (e. g. see the caption of figure 3.1)

> I checked the Greek translation yesterday and the loss was about
> 100 strings, not huge deal but it is very tiring for the
> translators. The translation of the book is also quite big, it's
> 1850 strings and many translators leave the train on the way. It's
> important for them to work on a "stable environment".
> For me the best solution would be to inform loco teams that the
> precise e2 edition is available, so if they want to translate
> they'll do so.

Ok, sure the local teams should decide which release they want to
translate. Some weeks ago I asked on the German translation list to
review some of the suggested translations. The answer was that the
reviewer wants to wait because the e2 release was in the pipeline.

The question is what we want to offer as standard translation on
Launchpad to new people who do not know about the e1 release. They
should see the e2 as recommended translation, IMHO. If someone wants
to work on a "stable environment", he can manually switch to the e1

So if I understand you correct, you would first finish the e1
translation, publish it (with all the bugs in it), work then on the e2
release and publish that again? Ok, that is a doable way, but in my
opinion a waste of time.

Well, nobody knows, but maybe we find again bugs in the e2 release
which lead to a e3 release you would first finish the e2 and then make
the e3? And honestly, I expect that we find find again bugs which we
should fix, because 12.04 is officially supported for 5 years, what we
should do, too.

Greetings, Carsten

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