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Re: Spanish translation of the Ubuntu Manual finished


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Am 25.09.2012 20:54, schrieb Jose:
> *For the cover translation:*
> Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04 → Primeros pasos con Ubuntu
> 12.04 Second Edition → Segunda edición The Ubuntu Manual Team → El
> equipo del manual de Ubuntu

This part is for Kevin and Thorsten, they will create the cover page.

> *Dash style in Spanish.*
> Dash is Spanish is far less frequent than in English. The character
> to be used is Unicode 2014 (—), but the location of the blank
> spaces around it makes a difference. Normal use of dash implies and
> opening and a closing dash, and spaces between the external text
> and dashes but not between the internal text and dashes:
> «Esperaba a Emilio —un amigo—. Lamentablemente, no vino.»
> As I wasn't sure if that behaviour could be defined for the macro,
> I modified the text to avoid dashes as much as possible.

@ Kevin: Do we have the possibility to define such a \dash behaviour?

> *Translation of um-spanish.clo*
> Well... I really don't know what to do with that file, sorry :)

Don’t worry, you have done all right in the following part. :-)

> *Translations in translation-test.pdf*

> Besides my comments about the dash, there are some translations
> that I guess they could be tweaked or missing (I don't know where
> they are used, so I can't be completely sure):
> \ccname → “Con copia”, instead of “Copia a” (that way CC makes
> sense). \headtoname → “Para”, instead of “A”. This is the normal
> translation for the field in a message.

They are not used in the manual if I remember correctly, they are here
only for completeness of all translations made by the package
»Polyglossia« which we use to make the translation of some LaTeX key

> Applicationsheadword → aplicaciones commandlineappheadword → línea
> de órdenes revisionnumbercaption → Número de revisión 
> revisiondatecaption → Fecha de revisión titlepagecaption → Página
> de título

I have added the updated file. Did I made it correctly? You didn’t
mention the abbreviations i.e. and e.g. so I assume, they are the same
like in English?

> *Some problems I already saw in the generated file*
> I've just realized that I misunderstood the texts used in index and
> left them untranslated. I didn't notice as I can't see the index. I
> would need to fix them, but I hope it won't me take long.
> There is a paragraph for the Launchpad contributors that includes
> an URL to the user page in Launchpad. As it's a three column layout
> the result is awful. Do I need to “itemized” them or do something
> special?
> In that same list the symbol “~” is not shown, at least in my pdf 
> generation.

This sound like, that you have problems building the PDF. As I
mentioned in my last email, did you follow the instructions on the
manual website [1]? We will support you, but you should give us the
complete error message of the latex run :-) But in the mean time, I
have uploaded the Spanish PDF file to my U1 space [2]. Your three
points should not be a problem in the finished manual. Please check it.

Greetings, Carsten

[1] http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors
[2] http://ubuntuone.com/1wMMlpUAZKvBUFRCpaDBK1

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