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Editing deadline - 1 Oct


Hello, everyone.

According to our milestones for the Quantal cycle, the editing
deadline is 1 October.  This means that all editing should be complete
by this date.

I'd like all of the editors to give a short reply to this email to let
us know what your status is.  Have you completed editing of all of
your assigned chapters/sections?  If not, do you have an estimate of
when your editing will be complete?  Do you need additional help from
other editors.

The upcoming milestones are:

Indexing phase (1 Oct – 8 Oct):
* Final screenshots are put in place
* The manual is indexed
* Glossary entries are edited and linked
* Public draft is released at the end of this phase

Public comments phase (8 Oct – 15 Oct):
* Comments and edits from the public are received and incorporated
into the manual
* Final draft is released at the end of this phase

Release phase (15 Oct – 18 Oct):
* The manual is prepared for release
* The manual is released at the end of this phase



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