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Re: Dash search data and Chapter 2


Ok...thanks for this feedback (and the schedule). I was unaware that we
were targeting the release of this manual to coincide with the release of
the software...a good thing for sure.

I just finished editing the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, and in reviewing some
of the summaries and article links, there still doesn't seem to be a solid
agreement as to what controls will be available to the user in this regard,
so I'm not sure what is best to do for the accuracy of this manual in this
regard....maybe wait until 13.04 and nail it at that time?

On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 9:17 PM, Kevin Godby <godbyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello, Jim.
> Unfortunately, I don't have any answers for you on the state of the
> Dash search results. Hopefully we'll here something solid soon.
> As to the schedule for the manual, this is what I had outlined at the
> beginning of the cycle:
> Authoring phase (now – 17 Sep):
> * Changes to the second edition of Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04
> should be incorporated
> * Authors update and write new content
> * Draft screenshots are put in place
> * First draft is released at the end of this phase
> Editing phase (17 Sep – 1 Oct):
> * Editors copy-edit and proofread the content
> * Second draft is released at the end of this phase
> Indexing phase (1 Oct – 8 Oct):
> * Final screenshots are put in place
> * The manual is indexed
> * Glossary entries are edited and linked
> * Public draft is released at the end of this phase
> Public comments phase (8 Oct – 15 Oct):
> * Comments and edits from the public are received and incorporated
> into the manual
> * Final draft is released at the end of this phase
> Release phase (15 Oct – 18 Oct):
> * The manual is prepared for release
> * The manual is released at the end of this phase
> You can also view the milestones and their dates on Launchpad at
> <https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/quantal>.  This schedule was
> designed to allow for the manual to be published on the release day of
> Ubuntu 12.10.
> At this point, the editing should be complete (according to the
> schedule). I'm going to send out an email next to collect status
> reports to see where we actually stand.
> Thanks!
> --Kevin

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