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Suggestion on Files nomenclature...


I've just completed editing the *Advanced Topics* and *Burning
CD/DVD*sections of the manual. Now that the
*Nautilus* name is no longer being used, I'd like to recommend we
standardize the way we refer to *Files*. To me, *Nautilus* seemed to be
more like an application, so it was acceptable to say *Nautilus
just *Nautilus*...and the meaning was clear. The title *Files* has a number
of meanings, and I don't see *Files* as an application per se, but more of
a utility.

So, in my two sections edited thus far, I've referred to *Files* as *Files
file browser*.

Would it be beneficial to the user/reader for us to arrive at a common
convention (similar to what we had to do with the *Dash* a few iterations
ago)? If so, does *Files file browser *work?

I'm presenting this suggestion in the hopes of a quick resolution before I
edit the more dense *The Ubuntu Desktop* chapter.


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