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Re: Saucy Salamander


Op 02-05-13 00:43, Patrick Dickey schreef:

If you go into your Projects directory (in a terminal) and run the bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual ubuntu-manual-saucy command (on the Authors page, it still says "raring", it will create the

There really isn't anything that can be done until at least an Alpha version is
released, and probably not until the beta is released later on.
We can work on the saucy branch before an alpha version is released in the sense that we can start by improving what is already there. Although previous versions have been proofread, there are always parts that need to be improved. If authors/editors of previous versions are willing to help with this new version, you may start proofreading/improving "your chapter" in saucy as from this moment. Thus there will be more time to investigate what's new in saucy when the alpha version is available. We already have prepared the new spreadsheet for saucy (1). I invite everyone who wants to contribute to saucy (new contributors included) to add your name to the spreadsheet. Just add your name to the chapter/section you would like to work on. More than one name for a chapter/section is allowed because more people can work on one chapter/section and you may also choose more than one chapter/section. The coordinators will assign the chapters to authors/editors. The earlier we start, the better.
(1) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApS28NMLnYJXdEdGQjRtUWtaOUZxREVzUldSOU5kc2c#gid=0

Have a great day.:)

On Wed, 2013-05-01 at 12:19 -0400, Craig Hrabal wrote:
Very nice. Hope to hear from you soon.

On 04/29/2013 02:53 AM, Hannie Dumoleyn wrote:
Hello Craig,
Welcome to the Ubuntu Manual Project! We are always in need of new
authors and editors, so we are very glad you want to become a
Patrick has already answered your email, but here is some additional
Ideally, we want each chapter to have at least one author and one
editor. Huge chapters, like the Ubuntu Desktop and Working with Ubuntu
are divided into sections which each should have an author/editor pair
On this spreadsheet (1) you can see how it works.
Now as for Saucy, we will start as soon as possible; you will be
informed through this mailing list.
Welcome aboard.

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