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Testing F1 = Launch help browser


I am currently testing this:
To access it (the Ubuntu Desktop Guide), you can press F1 while on the

I am running Saucy in Virtual Box. F1 did not take me to the UDG, so I
went to System settings > Keyboard > tab Shortcuts. Here I selected
Launchers: Launch help browser. When I try to change the accelerator to
F1, it does not work, but when I choose Shift+F1 it does.

Can anyone check for me if F1 is the default to launch the UDG (in my
VB-saucy it is not).
I wonder why changing the accelerator to F1 does not work on my PC.
Could it be that it is because I am working in Virtual Box? I did
install Guest additions. Or is it a bug in Saucy?

If F1 is not the default accelerator, I think we should mention in the
getting help section how to change this.

Thanks for your help,