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Landing plan update and Task Force calls of 2013/10/06


        Hi there,

Less landings today, but big ones!

/!\ But first, an important note: we have to disable upstream merger for
    some time while we fix AutoPilot tests (see below)

As planned, we landed in #86:
* support for apps to load a new URI while running (typically music-app,
  mediaplayer-app, gallery-app, webbrowser-app)
* fixed dbus/apparmor and working webapps
* ofono and telepathy-ofono bug fixes
* misc fixes in camera-app, history-service

Image #87 was rolled later with fixes in:
* camera-app
* history-service
* indicator-power
* Unity 8 update

What's less visible is that we've switched some apps from .deb to Click;
that required some iterations on some, but we're getting there.
Notes-app tests are failing (but the app works) and that impacted our
dashboard quite a bit.

What's upcoming for #88 is... Mir!  On mako and maguro, Mir will be the
default and will come with a big number of changes to application
startup.  Affected packages are mainly unity8, unity-mir,
upstart-app-launch, qtubuntu.  The main blocker preventing that was
input focus issues when picking up calls, and this got fixed.

Also coming into #88:
* ofono/telepathy-ofono fixes
* apparmor updates, notably for Mir
* Unity 8 will show/hide clicks as you install/remove them

There's also a SDK fix on the desktop (thumbnailer was breaking because
it mixed GStreamer versions).

Sadly, there were small regressions and not high enough a passrate to
promote more SurfaceFlinger images.

The Mir switch will cause some regressions in the Autopilot tests, and
that will block the upstream merger; see:
for AP tests to fix and crashes to track!

Loïc Minier

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