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Landing team 20.12.13 and happy holidays!


Hi everyone,

Today we promoted image #79!
This image includes all the changes accumulated in-between the last
releases with the recent, evil mediaplayer-app regression fixed. This
image also includes the new Ubuntu UI Toolkit, unity-api (scopes and
shell), the download manager fixes and much more goodness. Testing
result were really good! We still didn't have 100% on maguro, but I
guess we'll get there pretty soon.

Today we also got another build ready - image #80. This version includes
the newly landed unity8, pulseaudio and other components. From
preliminary testing it seems to be a really good and stable image as
well, but since holidays are just around the corner, I guess there's no
need to rush with promoting images. As advised by some of our teammates:
it's best to make sure nothing breaks before the holidays! Let's play it
safe this time.

I guess this is the last Landing team update e-mail this year. It's been
a really great year - you all did an excellent job, and I would like to
use this occasion to send out a big *THANK YOU* to everyone involved :)

So, what now? During the holiday season the Landing team will not be
functioning - we're all going on vacation. This means there will be,
sadly, no releases from our side until next year. We set up the
infrastructure to build Ubuntu Touch images 2 times a day for your
convenience, so feel free to upgrade your devices and test.

On 2014 Didier Roche will be back as your Landing team guide, as usual.
Hopefully I didn't mess up anything during this final landing week while
filling in for him!

Once again, me and the whole Landing team would like to wish everyone
happy holidays and a lovely new year. Let's keep it green! See you in 2014!

Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak

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