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Need help porting tiny project to use U1DB


Hello everybody,

we are currently preparing materials for the "App Dev School" initiative, in which we will ask app developers to go out to their LUG, LoCo, university class or some conference and show how simple it is to write apps.

Michał Karnicki was kind enough to provide us with a simple app (both in a QML version and a HTML5 version) which is easy enough to understand, doesn't require net access and should help a new generation of app developers to get involved.

It'd be great if we could port the app to use U1DB since that's what we promote and gives many many other benefits. Does anyone have a little bit of spare time to help with porting it?

The code is up at:


Thanks a bunch in advance.

This will not only make me happy, but Michał and lots of other app developers too. :)

Have a great day,

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