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Re: Ubuntu Phone


Am Dienstag, den 14.01.2014, 16:04 +0400 schrieb Зонов Роман:
> Personally I am defender of manta. Not because i have one, because manta is a different form-factor. Developers want to develop only for one tablet - Nexus 7. But Nexus 7 is not true tablet. 7-inch can't compete with 10-inch display (10-inch is not better, it's different). So, there must be one 4-inch, one 7-inch and one 10-inch device. IMHO. 
> And I can't understand one thing: it really so difficult to continue support of those devices? 
it drags away focus so the quality really suffers, being able to focus
on just two devices will definitely improve the quality we produce ... 

that said, i highly disagree with the idea to stop building images for
the devices we drop, just keeping them built even without doing any
support for them will enable us to use them as development devices for
hacking etc, even if there are bugs we dont fix.

if you are that concerned to keep manta, how about stepping up and
taking over the community port (and finding other devs to help out with
it) ?


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