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Re: Landing team 17.06.14


Am Dienstag, den 17.06.2014, 13:58 -0400 schrieb Rodney Dawes:
> On Tue, 2014-06-17 at 19:49 +0200, Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak wrote:
> > Top news: image #85 promoted! There are some changes of interest in this
> > image, one of which is the new design of address-book-app, dialer-app
> > and messaging-app. This image also doesn't use the desktop translation
> > files anymore - this means there might potentially be some applications
> > that are be missing translations (like, for instance, the dialer-app).
> > We apologize for any possible inconveniences. We assure you that those,
> > if identified, will be fixed as soon as possible.
> What changed exactly with the translations here? These apps weren't
> using translations embedded in the .desktop files anyway, but were using
> the X-Gettext-Domain= in the .desktop file to point to their translation
> domain. Did this change to include the translations in the .desktop
> files directly? Or was the X-Gettext-Domain= entry just removed?

no, as you can see from the other thread pitti started:
" Simple mass-change: Mark universe packages for langpacks, please
include in your next MP"

the .desktop files will get an additional field so langpack-o-matic will
pick up the translations at package build time and stuff them in the
touch langpacks ...

what changed in image 84 was that we completely dropped the desktop
langpacks and replaced them with touch ones (gaining 40MB in rootfs
tarball size and something in the 150MB installed size back)  ... but as
long as not all packages mentioned in the other thread have the one line
addition to the .desktop file their translations will not end up in the
touch langpacks yet.


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