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Unity API status update



late last week successfully test landed features (location data, scope
settings, offline notifications, scope favoriting) into RTM branch, now
in the process of relanding into utopic (will happen as soon as we leave
traincon0). Work has started on the last missing RTM feature, that is
properly accessing OA from scopes.

go bindings are again on par with C++ API, documentation is up to date.

On payment side things are moving but slowly. Good news is that OA are
now running in trusted prompt, but that exposed another issue in qtmir
that doesn't handle a trusted prompt on top of a trusted session. Fix is
being worked on.

Otherwise, bug fixing...


APN editor is not finished yet, currently a little bit stuck because of
issues with ofono Qt/qml bindings. In addition, there was a lot of
debugging in datetime indicator to address the recently reported
traincon blockers. To resolve the issue of blocking alarms we switched
the backend to utilize powerd's HW wakeup API.

Optimization work on UAL to speed up application startup time has been
started but will still take another day or two to complete.