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Re: ownCloud app.


Hi Mitchell, 

On Friday 15 August 2014 09:47:07 Mitchell Reese wrote:
> Hi Daniel, definitely keen to help with an owncloud sync setup.
> Currently I've got my phone syncing files with my owncloud server - I'm
> syncing the Documents, Picture, and Video folders as a cron job every
> hour, and the rest of my user settings (.local & .config, mainly) once
> per day. Not an end user solution, as I've had to (initially) make the
> image writeable, install owncloudcmd (headless owncloud client), and
> setup a cronjob pointing to a couple scripts with crontab -e. Now that's
> done however, file sync is enabled and maintained through OTA updates -
> the image is no longer writeable.

Cool stuff.. I'm a bit worried that you're just lucky though. Not really sure 
if its a good idea to install something manually and switch back to OTA 
upgrades. But I'm no expert on OTA stuff. Maybe someone else can shed some 
light how to do such a thing more reliable. I guess you could install the 
stuff into /userdata/ or /home/phablet/ to avoid enabling rw mode in the first 

> I'm keen to have a go with contact sync - I'd also be interested in any
> other advice to get this happening. For now I'm hoping to manage this
> through the syncevolution client via the terminal - UI is not my strong
> point.

This should work just fine for syncing contacts with owncloud:


The post is a bit dated by now in a sense that the fix described in there is 
already in the image now. That means you can jump straight over to the 
"Configuration" part without installing anything. Calendar should be just the 
same although I haven't tried it myself.

I investigated a bit yesterday to integrate it with the accounts ui and think 
I have some decent understanding of what needs to be done but didn't succeed 
much yet. Will keep on trying.

> Shall we move this discussion to the Google+ Ubuntu App
> Developers community, so we're not clogging up this mailing list? Am
> aware of how quickly things are moving at the moment with the RTM
> images, and would love the opportunity of bouncing ideas back and forth.

I for one prefer the mailing list, however, the cross-posting is not really 
helpful indeed. Wherever the discussion continues, it should be just one 


> Cheers,
> Mitchell
> On 14/08/14 23:53, Daniel Holm wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've talked about this previously: ownCloud.
> > 
> > I would like to create an online account for ownCloud that also syncs
> > contacts and calendar - to begin with. File sync would be awesome and
> > could come later.
> > 
> > Earlier I've been using this guide[1] to set up contacts sync, but it
> > doesn't work for me any more (haven't looked too deep yet so it might).
> > But even if it did, having to run 4-5 commands in terminal to make it
> > work isn't really flawless.
> > 
> > Is there a cool QML way to add a CardDAV sync to device yet - I mean a
> > working Evolution Data Server QML connection? I've read about
> > QtOrganizer, as well as QtContacts, but to any of these actually gives
> > this option?
> > 
> > Also, an tutorial how to create an online account would be rather
> > helpful. I've lost all my notes and don't remember.
> > 
> > Anyone want to help
> > 
> > 1: http://notyetthere.org/?p=198

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