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ANNOUNCEMENT: Landing team - RTM landings now officially open!


Hello everyone,

As we have now officially branched for ubuntu-rtm, we would also like to
announce that landing for RTM-targetted images is now officially open!
This means that all landers can have their changes landed into
ubuntu-rtm when they want it. We have enabled some features in the CI
Train for this purpose last week, but only now the test run is over and
everything that lands will stay in the archive.

By default from now on anything that's landed in ubuntu will not be part
of the RTM-targeted images. So make sure you get the changes you want to
Please read on to get to know the process itself.

 * How to land a package to ubuntu-rtm?

First of all, you will need to have a separate branch for your RTM
backports. The naming and location of this branch is all up to you. Some
of the projects that participated in the testing landings last week used
the naming scheme of lp:projectname/rtm-14.09 .
Before releasing anything for ubuntu-rtm, make sure the same change is
already released in Ubuntu current development series (e.g. utopic). We
only accept cherry-picked changes from trunks. In other words: if
something is to land in RTM it will require a double landing - one to
ubuntu, then to ubuntu-rtm. Once that happens, fill in a landing with
the new merge requests to the RTM branches in our CI Train spreadsheet
and set the Target Distribution field to "ubuntu-rtm/14.09". The rest is
the same as before, with the change being that the landing needs to be
tested against ubuntu-rtm built images instead. Remember to double check
that your RTM merges are targeting the right branches - i.e. the RTM
branch created earlier.

To summarize, the general process:
 - Making sure an RTM branch (for this example let's use
lp:foo/rtm-14.09) exists and corresponds to what is in ubuntu-rtm
 - Creating a merge request of a feature/fix to ubuntu (target -> lp:foo)
 - Driving a landing through CI Train of this merge/merges to ubuntu
(target distribution -> ubuntu/utopic)
 - Creating a branch with the same changes but based on lp:foo/rtm-14.09
 - Creating a merge request of the feature/fix to ubuntu-rtm (target ->
 - Driving a landing through CI Train of this merge/merges to ubuntu-rtm
(target distribution -> ubuntu-rtm/14.09)
 - Change, after possible additional testing, lands in RTM

Currently ubuntu-rtm landings are also treated very safely, so most
landings might require a QA sign-off before those can be published into
the archive.

 * Action items for now

Since we have just finished the initial copy of packages to ubuntu-rtm,
it might be the best time to create your RTM-targeted branches by
branching off from current trunk. When doing this later you will have to
make sure you only copy the branch history up until the revision that is
actually present in the ubuntu-rtm pocket. This way you need to make
sure that the RTM branches do not have any changes that are not in the
RTM archive.

Please do not hesitate and feel free to give us (trainguards) a ping on
IRC (#ubuntu-release or #ubuntu-ci-eng) whenever in doubt.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak

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