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Hi all,

Ubuntu 14.10 is released, but the Ubuntu Phone keeps on rolling forward!  We
are in the final stages of getting new images built using the vivid archive,
and barring any new blockers, expect the first of these to be available
later today.

This means that we now have two main channels that we are landing on: vivid,
and ubuntu-rtm/14.09 (aka: devel, and stable).

Fixes for specific bugs targeted for our upcoming customer-oriented release
should continue to be landed to ubuntu-rtm/14.09.  Anything else that is not
being landed for RTM - e.g., any forward-looking feature work - should be
landed to vivid only.

Because the base system of vivid continues to move on, we will not be doing
binary syncs between vivid and ubuntu-rtm/14.09.  As Łukasz mentioned in his
mail on Friday, you will continue to be able to request source sync landings
from vivid to ubuntu-rtm/14.09.  Of course, this option is only available
so long as the packages are in sync between vivid and ubuntu-rtm/14.09.  As
soon as you start to land anything to vivid which is *not* targeted for
14.09, you will need to create a separate branch for your project and target
any future 14.09 bugfixes to that other branch.

There are other plans in the works right now, around rolling forward from
14.09 to a branch based on Ubuntu 14.10.  You should be hearing more from us
on this topic by the end of next week.  But in the meantime, the above two
channel families (with corresponding source branches) should be the only
thing you need to worry about for landing your code.

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