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Re: battery 83% to 0% in 1 hour of not using the BQ


On 04/29/15 20:30, Matthias Apitz wrote:

I have a problem with the BQ (r21) of my wife, which happened already

She is a normal user of a cellphone, or not even this, she does only
calls from time to time, not even SM; and no mobile data, but it is
configured in her BQ and her contract has 500 GB flat; GPS is completely
disabled, HERE app is de-installed and Wifi is disabled too;
normaly the BQ goes to sleep after 1 minute;

today it happened for the second time that the BQ was completely off-battery;
after charging and rebooting the battery page shows:

- 83% from today morning until around 5 pm (I know the exact 83% because I
   checked it in the morning at 7 am); from this hour a green horizontal line;

- at around 5 pm the line starts falling until reaching 0% around 6 pm;

In the hour in question between 5 and 6pm the BQ was sitting untouched
in her bag.

Any ideas? Where to start post mortem analyzing this next time?
 From where the battery graphic is drawn, from data in the Ubuntu logs or
from the chip in the battery on start of the app showing the graphic?



Hi Matthias

The other day my phone became very warm and on closer inspection the unity8 process was running 100% on one cpu.
I rebooted the phone and after that is was fine.
Something like that might drain your battery rather quick.

You could run a script to monitor the battery temp and capacity:
while sleep 60; do
 cat /sys/devices/platform/battery/power_supply/battery/capacity
 cat /sys/devices/platform/battery/power_supply/battery/temp

And if discharging goes faster then a certain value ( 10%/h ? ) you could text *your* phone so you can start investigation with top if a process is running at 100%. ( /usr/share/ofono/scripts/send-sms /ril_0 yourphonenumber "Start investigation" 0 )

Kind regards,

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