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[Call for testing] Wi-Fi Hotspots (Internet tethering)


Hello everyone:

we've been working on Wi-Fi hotspots which will allow you to share your
cellular data connection with nearby clients
​ using a wireless network.

This is now available
, for both vivid and wily phone
​ ​
​We're happy with how it works, but we're looking for your feedback
and unforeseen problems.

We want to ask you all to test it and report any issues
​. If you hit an issue, here's how to report it:

   - ​A client can't see the hotspot or the hotspot does not work:​

   - File against:
      - ​Please attach /var/log/syslog as well as

      - ​There's a problem with the System Settings UI:
   - File against:
      - ​Please attach log files which you'll find here:

​To start the hotspot:

   1. Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled.
   2. Go to System Settings -> Mobile/Cellular​
   3. Tap “Wi-Fi hotspot”
   4. Set up your hotspot
   5. Enable it.

​Helpful links:

Thank you!​

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