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Re: Does Ubuntu Touch support self-hosting?


Oh, I just saw from your website that your goal is to compile a go app for the phone. Check out the template I created for that at https://github.com/nikwen/ubuntu-go-qml-template (with cross-compilation already being set up!)

Am Sa, 19. Sep, 2015 um 11:53 schrieb Niklas Wenzel <nikwen.developer@xxxxxxxxx>:
Every program available in the Ubuntu archives for the armhf architecture can be run on your phone (though you are going to run into issues with GUI programs). I've been compiling my stuff on my phone for quite some time now. However, the cross-compilation setup for Ubuntu SDK apps is really straight forward and way more comfortable than any compilation on the phone itself. Additionally, installing additional debian packages on the phone requires a writable system image which means that your phone can break when you install OTA updates in the future. (To prevent that, you can reflash the phone to its previous state with a read-only system partition but that also means that the additional packages you installed will be removed from the phone again.) You could also set up a chroot on the phone for compiling stuff though.

Is there any specific reason why you need to compile the software on the phone itself?

Am Samstag, 19. September 2015 schrieb Bob Summerwill :
> I have just bought a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition. It is one of my target platforms for porting of the Ethereum Light Client. See http://doublethink.co.
> This is my first Ubuntu Touch development, though I have done some Firefox OS, Tizen and Sailfish.
> Does Ubuntu Touch support self-hosting or only cross-compilation from Ubuntu desktop? In the simplest form, I am asking whether GCC can be run on-target. Thanks!
> Bob Summerwill
> http://bobsummerwill.wordpress.com/about/