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Re: Music App suggest | question


Does media controls also include when screen is off hold volume up to switch songs?

In cyanogen and some other versions of android if you hold volume up when the screens off the song skips and if you hold volume down it goes to the previous song, It may be a menu you have to find in some android flavors on sonys stock by default if you hold volume up the volume goes up one but then nothing...

With ubuntu you hold volume up and you have a headache and everyone within a 2 mile radius now knows what song you wanted to skip.

In my opinion holding volume up to skip a song is one of the fastest and convinient and least obtrusive ways of doing it because people normally just tap volume up or volume down to change volume, its also much quicker, walking down the street watching where youre going, a song you dont want to listen to comes on, you keep walking looking foward putting your hand in your pocket and hold volume up songs skipped no issue, with out this, song you dont want to listen to comes on, you slow down or stop walking as you pull your phone out of your pocket, you press the power button, pull down what you hope to be the volume indicator (if youre doing this fast you might accidently pull down a different indicator) then tap skip, put your phone back into your pocket, start walking at normal speeds again.

Holding volume up and down to skip audio is just so much more convinient and fast and doesnt affect changing volume if you tap to switch it, it could also be a option in system settings for those who have issues with it, but I think itd be a great benefit to have that feature.

On Friday, 23 October 2015 11:15:40 BST, Andrew Hayzen wrote:

Currently the next and previous buttons do not function as we have not
landed this support yet.

We are currently working [0] with upstream (media-hub and indicator-sound)
to complete the remaining issues, which will then allow for the platform to
implement support for things such as bluetooth media controls. This will
hopefully be implemented in the short to medium future.



0 -

On 23 October 2015 at 10:43, Oliver Grawert <ogra@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am Freitag, den 23.10.2015, 10:26 +0100 schrieb Dave Morley:
> > if you have not disabled the indicator access from the lockscreen in
> > the security settings the sound indicator should offer you controls
> > for last/next song and play/pause there.
> >
> only on rc-proposed
oops, sorry, i assumed that went out in the last OTA ...


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