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Re: ubuntu one


+10 to this idea!


On 5 April 2016 7:51:14 AM AEST, Joseph Liau <joseph@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Monday, April 4, 2016 1:43:35 PM PDT, Mitchell Reese 
><dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Caldav and carddav support seem two of the most requested sync 
>> options on this mailing list - I'm surprised nothing is in the 
>> works to support them yet. Yep, I get that Google is easy, but 
>> there are plenty of people that don't want to be tied to their 
>> services.
>> Both these sync protocols are very widely used, and should be 
>> integrated into the base image.
>I agree. Do you think that we can create a system that allows community
>submit feature requests and application development for the mobile
>Then have it displayed as a list/queue. 
>It could allow voting, which would move features to the top of the
>Those who are able could then get an idea of things to work on. 
>It would be reasonable to not expect everything on the list to be 
>implemented or picked up. But it would also give us the chance to
>express and track what people would like to use the devices for.
>I.e. I think a lot of things get lost in the mailing list. 
>> Mitchell
>> On 4 April 2016 11:39:32 PM AEST, Rodney Dawes 
>> <rodney.dawes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>On Mon, 2016-04-04 at 09:12 +0100, Alan Bell wrote:
>>>> On 02/04/16 17:25, Rodney Dawes wrote:
>>>> > 
>>>> > Not everyone wants to maintain their own server.
>>>> but some people do! The phone project seems to be very very
>>>> on 
>>>> not taking any advantage of the fact that users might run Ubuntu 
>>>> desktops and servers and maybe a bunch of phones.
>>>But the phone image is still Ubuntu. There's nothing stopping anyone
>>>from contributing to make parts of this easier by default, or from
>>>building their own custom images with their own sync software, if
>>>Is anyone even doing the work necessary to get a solution for
>>>enabled by default on the image?
>>>> >   The part of ownCloud
>>>> > which is problematic as a general solution is the "own" part.
>>>> > Google,
>>>> > Dropbox, iCloud, etc… do not provide compatibility with owncloud,
>>>> > so
>>>> > while it theoretically allows some of us to have some level of
>>>> > sync, it
>>>> > doesn't solve all the problems, and doesn't enable things for
>>>> but it does enable things for people who buy into the concept of
>>>> Free 
>>>> software and want their infrastructure to be Free software that
>>>> works 
>>>> together. This is a perfectly good target niche.
>>>But it's still a niche, and not something that phone makers or telcos
>>>are asking for, AFAIK.
>>>> > 
>>>> > Note of course, that Google contacts/calendar sync is already on
>>>> > the
>>>> > phone, and has been for a very long time now, so if Google is an
>>>> > acceptable place for storing those things, it can be used (with
>>>> > some
>>>> > small caveats, as it seems only default contacts/calendar are
>>>> > synced,
>>>> > so alternate/subscribed calendars on Google don't get seem to be
>>>> > exposed).
>>>> working on the assumption that people are using Google to run all
>>>> their 
>>>> stuff means that the phone is competing head to head with Android
>>>> Google's playing field. It isn't necessarily wrong to support those
>>>> users, and yes, they might be a numerically large target, however
>>>> there 
>>>> is a wide open opportunity to change the rules of the game and go a
>>>> different way.
>>>It's not an assumption. Sure, there will be a few who have never used
>>>Android and don't use Google at all, who buy an Ubuntu phone. But
>>>are migrating from Android. Google is also a complete service, for
>>>which most all of the necessary code already existed, so it required
>>>very little design and engineering work, and was included from the
>>>An ownCloud solution requires significantly more design and
>>>work, because the system is vastly more complicated. There are plenty
>>>of other solutions for various things, that I'm sure people would
>>>to see implemented too. LDAP, Exchange, NIS, ActiveDirectory, or
>>>There's also plenty of additional concerns, because we are talking
>>>about phones after all, and they don't have unlimited storage,
>>>power, or network, readily available. How much stuff do we install by
>>>default? Features are great, but only so much stuff will fit in a 2GB
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