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Re: ubuntu one


Hi all!

Julia, did you say bug? :P. Yeah, there is a bug report from long time ago about it:


We reported this from BQ support because CalDav/CardDav through owncloud seems to be one of the most secure and out-of-Google-sight way to backup and restore these kind of user information.

Would be really great having a GUI to do this easily from our UP. As Pat mentioned in the bug, now that we've got buteo shouldn't be code restrictions to do it, and I truly think that this kind of feature would make very happy to many customers.

Of course there is a bug report regarding only to Owncloud::


This is clearly important for customers :)

Best regards,

El 05/04/16 a las 12:05, Julia Palandri escribió:

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 11:51 PM, Joseph Liau <joseph@xxxxxxx <mailto:joseph@xxxxxxx>> wrote:

    On Monday, April 4, 2016 1:43:35 PM PDT, Mitchell Reese
    <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Caldav and carddav support seem two of the most requested sync
        options on this mailing list - I'm surprised nothing is in the
        works to support them yet. Yep, I get that Google is easy, but
        there are plenty of people that don't want to be tied to their

        Both these sync protocols are very widely used, and should be
        integrated into the base image.

    I agree. Do you think that we can create a system that allows
    community to submit feature requests and application development
    for the mobile system? Then have it displayed as a list/queue.
    It could allow voting, which would move features to the top of the
    list. Those who are able could then get an idea of things to work on.
    It would be reasonable to not expect everything on the list to be
    implemented or picked up. But it would also give us the chance to
    clearly express and track what people would like to use the
    devices for.

    I.e. I think a lot of things get lost in the mailing list.

If there's a bug on LP already reported, +1 it.
If there's not, open a new one :)

That way, it could at least be more obvious when a bug or feature is important for a lot of people. Of course it doesn't mean it WILL be solved quickly, but at least it would provide information for more informed decisions.

I think we'd all want to make a better use of the tool we already have.




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