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Re: Showcase device


El 28/02/17 a las 22:58, Francisco Pina Martins escribió:
I just saw this:


I think it would be a **very** cool device to showcase Ubuntu Touch/personal on.

Because it is already both a phone and a laptop. But in it's current form, it can only be one at a time (dual boot android and some form of GNU/Linux). Load Ubuntu Touch/Personal on it and boom. You get both at the same time, with plenty of connectivity (USB-C x2) to **really** make use of convergence apps.

But maybe I'm just daydreaming...



Let's daydream with you. A phone a la Nokia Communicator [0] running Ubuntu Touch/Personal and with Mycroft AI [1] as a personal assistant... Shut up and take my money!



[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_Communicator
[1] https://mycroft.ai/