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Re: Idea: consider crowdfunding UBports project


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Den 16-04-2017 kl. 10:33 skrev Vincas Dargis:

I am user of BQ Aquaris E5, which is my actually first ever smart phone,
and I am deeply saddened that Canonical had to end Ubuntu Phone project.
I am very thankful for them for creating this awesome, free operating
system for smart phones, with convergence with Desktop, which I am
really not ready to leave it in the drawer. Big thanks to them!

I have discovered that UBports project, which is continuing Ubuntu Phone
developing, has Patreon site [0] to collect funds for it's development,
and for the main goal they set to have full time developer working on
system we love.

I am encouraging you to consider funding UBports by becoming patreons to
help them continue Ubuntu Phone development.

There are actually lot's of free software projects and their supporting
organizations that needs our money too, may it be Debian and Ubuntu, or
maybe Free Software, Document and Linux Foundations, but these mentioned
have already their stones set, meanwhile UBports really needs a
kickstart (pun intended? :-) ).

Thanks for hearing.

[0] https://www.patreon.com/ubports/posts


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