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Re: Idea: consider crowdfunding UBports project


Hello Matthias,

there will be new images for *all* official and unofficial devices soon (TM). This will probably not be a real OTA with a lot of new features, the most important goal is to seamlessly move everybody who wants to continue to use Ubuntu Touch to the UBports kingdom. Don't expect mind-blowing new features *right now*. There is some pretty awesome stuff in the works (dare I say Anbox?), but that's not our highest priority right now.

We're currently working on a) making Mir work with Wayland to be future-proof, b) taking over, forking or replacing canonicals infrastructure, c) modifying the Open Store to serve as a replacement for the click-store in the future (though the click store might stay in our images as long as it's still open, that's tbd), d) fixing some really terrible bugs (not a lot, because, you know, small team) and e) motivating the app-devs to not say f**k this i'm switching to Arch.

I'm not a fan of self-promotion, but since it might answer some of your questions, here's the link to yesterdays Q&A: https://blog.ubports.com/2017/04/15/community-qa.html

Here's to a bright (and hopefully not so distant) future of Ubuntu Touch!


On 16.04.2017 17:17, Matthias Apitz wrote:
El d�a Sunday, April 16, 2017 a las 05:06:59PM +0200, NeoTheThird escribi�:


both the Pro 5 and the M10 are very promising candidates to become official
devices, but we can't promise anything yet. The reason why some devices will
only be continued as "legacy devices" is not that we don't want to support
them, it's due to hard- and firmware limitations. Since the new software is
not created yet, we can't be sure...

Hold on to your device for now, even if it's not a Pro 5 or M10. We will
definitely publish new images for all devices before the end of Canonicals
support in two months!


Will there be published any new OTA for the BQ E4.5 and M10 before the
end of Canonicals support in two months?