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Re: Idea: consider crowdfunding UBports project


There are a number of projects on Patreon I would like to support but being a pauper I simply can't spare the funds for projects that aren't essential for my day to day life. I have however just signed up for $2 because Touch has come too far to be allowed to fail now. I'd like to think I can flash my phone back some day, or perhaps upgrade to a future proof phone.

On 16/04/17 13:26, NeoTheThird wrote:


thank you so much for your support, your contributions help a lot to keep Ubuntu Touch going. In fact, our patreon just today hit 500$ a month, that will cover most of our expenses to pay for servers and infrastructure.

About asking Canonical for financial support: It'd be pretty darn amazing to have their support, but I don't think that will happen and it would be a little awkward to ask for that. It's not their project anymore, so it's not their obligation to fund it. They poured a lot of money into Ubuntu Touch, Unity 8 and convergence and we're thankful for that. But we understand that they have to cut some costs to stop the company from making huge losses, so it would probably be inappropriate to ask them for funding.

All the best,

Jan Sprinz (aka. NeoTheThird, community manager at UBports)