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Re: E4.5 Touch-screen problems


El día lunes, septiembre 03, 2018 a las 08:10:55p. m. +0200, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> This reset the device to factory state and started after boot the first-time
> configuration dialogue... The touchscreen does not allow to walk
> through, i.e. it proofed that the problem is hardware related. Now I
> can't even connect anymore by SSH. End of the story. The device must be
> repaired or send to dustbin.

I sent it to BQ.com in Spain for repair and they swapped the screen for
120 Euro (incl. shipping). It returned yesterday and it's my old device
as I can see from markers with a new screen and OWA15 installed. I will
install UPports during the next days on it.


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