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Re: Some basic ideas for Ubuntu TV.


Yes. but wifi not bluetooth. Bluetooth has range resrictions and is a major
battery hog, whereas most people will have wifi on in their homes anyway.
It also means that all ubuntu devices in a home can be connected all the
time as long as they are on the wifi.

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:12 PM, Jo-Erlend Schinstad <
joerlend.schinstad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Den 28. nov. 2011 22:55, skrev Thomas Mashos:
>  Please walk me through a typical day in the live of this TV for a family
>> of 4.
> Alright.
> 6AM. Parents get out of bed, do their morning stuff, makes coffee and
> switches on their TV to watch the morning news. Only the normal remote
> control is needed for this, but anyone can also use their phones without
> any logins. Using just bluetooth. Family calendar displays notifications
> for birthdays and other important things that happens today.
> 13:00. The youngest child comes home from school, finishes homework and
> goes into the living room to watch some TV, chat with friends and play. She
> logs onto the TV, which provides child-friendly content, her IM roster, and
> other personal stuff. As her friends finishes their homework and go online,
> she gets notifications. She chat's a little bit while watching cartoons.
> When she's typing, her text is displayed at the top center of the screen,
> so that it doesn't get in the way of subtitles. You can't dub Inspector
> Gadget. That would be herecy. The chat backlog is displayed as an overlay
> along the right side of the screen, from the bottom and up to a certain
> height. The oldest backlog entries fade into the cartoon. After a certain
> amount of time, the entire chat begins to fade and the cartoon becomes
> entirely visible until she or her friend says something. When the cartoon
> finishes, she decides to go out to climb the trees and hunt for butterflies.
> 15:00. The teenager comes home. He shoots his shoes at the wall, throws
> his jacket on the floor, and throws himself into the living room couch to
> play Doom 3 on the big screen for a while, using the netbook as keyboard
> and mouse. The game runs full screen on the 50" display, but very important
> things appear as notifications.
> 17:00. Parents come home and chases the teenager into his room to do his
> homework. Father logs onto the TV, watches some news and catches up with
> emails. Mother goes into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Logs onto her 20"
> wall-mounted, touch screen, Ubuntu kitchen TV. In the living room, a
> notification appears on the big screen. The teenager needs a little help
> with the math. Father presses 5 on the remote control to accept the
> screen-share with audio and webcam in the corner.  Turns out math isn't
> fathers strong suit, so he forwards the conference to mother. She gets a
> notification on her kitchen screen and explains it to the both of them,
> whereupon the teenager ends the conference and goes back to his homework.
> The family phone rings, and a notification appears on everyone's screens.
> Mother thinks it's her friend, so she picks up by pressing the indicator on
> her kitchen screen. But it turns out to be a telemarketer, and she doesn't
> have time for that, so she forwards it to the living room. Father politely
> tells the telemarketer to go somewhere hot, and wishes him a good trip.
> 1900: Mother takes her laptop into the living room to finish her work. She
> connects to the TV and switches over to desktop view. She then opens her
> spreadsheets on the big screen and her email on the laptop screen. She
> moves the laptop mouse pointer onto the big screen when she wants to work
> on that, and back to the laptop screen to work on that. It feels exactly
> the same as it does with her docking station in the office, except the
> screen is much bigger... and she has a couch to lean back into.
> 20:00 - onwards: The TV is used to play music, watch TV with set-top
> functionality, streaming from and recording to their Ubuntu Home Server.
> Casual surfing, a few phone calls, etc.
> Christmas eve:
> Relatives who live far apart switches on the webcam on their Ubuntu TVs
> and streams their christmas parties to each other. It's almost like they're
> together in the same room. Youngest child has gotten exactly the doll she
> wanted, and she up to the TV to show her grandparents what she has. She's
> so proud.
> Just as we will be when this becomes reality. :)
> Jo-Erlend Schinstad
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